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illest nana-1In the season two opener moving on from past relationships and uncovered secrets, Brianna, Natalie and Tamar try to start new chapters in their lives. With efforts to move on somehow the past still continues to haunt them. Betrayal amongst friends leaves no room to escape the drama, and forgiveness is close to impossible. Even though they are finally with the ones they truly love, trouble still seems to brew among them. Will they ever learn from their mistakes, or allow the past to abolish their futures.


“Hey Brice,” I tapped on his open doorframe. “Tamar isn’t at her desk and I can’t get her on the phone.”
“She is still in the hospital.”
“The hospital? When? No one called me.”
“She went into labor yesterday,” he said.
My eyes bulged. “Yesterday?” I questioned. I was shocked. She was like my best friend other than Nat, and she didn’t call to say she was having her baby.
“I don’t know.” Brice didn’t volunteer any further information.
“Thanks.” I hurried off. I dialed Natalie and asked her to meet me. I knew what hospital it was, because I had gone on her labor and delivery tour with her a couple of weeks ago.
“So why didn’t she call us?” Natalie asked, shocked as I was.
“I don’t know, maybe she had surgery, or don’t have her phone, who knows. I hope she and the baby are okay. I mean, she is a little early.”
“Yes, let’s just pray that she and the baby are well,” Natalie said, and we got off the phone.
I ran home and Vince was on his way out. “Baby, hey,” he said, with a kiss.
“Hey you, where are you off to?”
“The studio. Got a few things still on my checklist to get done, so we can plan my opening night.”
Stepping out of my shoes, I responded, “Well, I’m just here to change and go to the hospital. Taye went into labor yesterday and didn’t tell us.”
Tilting his head, he raised a brow. “That’s odd.”
“I know, right? Natalie and I are going to go see her. I hope she and the baby are fine.”
“Yes, me too.”
“Speaking of baby … have you heard anything from your baby momma?”
He gave me a look as to say, don’t start. “No, she’s still not taking my calls.”
“Well, maybe that’s for the best.”
“Best for whom? I don’t want Chris, but I want to be in my child’s life.”
“Maybe the baby isn’t yours. You’ve said over and over again that you’ve never once hit it raw, so it still amazes me how the miracle baby was conceived.”
“I don’t know Bre, but Chris is not like that; she’s not the type to cheat.”
“Not like either of us, huh?”
He came over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “Look, we are not going to do this today. I’m in a good mood for a change, after all the drama with Vic and Chris, so please baby.”
I touched his face and kissed him deeply. “I love you, Vince, and I’m glad that the truth is out and there is no more hiding and secrets. I’m where I want to be.”
“Good, now I’ll see you for dinner. It’s my night to cook, so have your sexy ass home on time.” He headed towards the door after swatting my ass.
“All right now, you know that turns me on,” I smiled.
“Yes, I do.” He left. I changed and headed towards the hospital. I got there before Natalie, so I waited before going to Tamar’s room. I had a bear and balloons and I was anxious to know what she had, because they confirmed it was a girl at first, and then they said a boy, so we were all confused.
“Come on.” I danced in place, wishing Natalie would walk faster. She was already twenty minutes late and I was dying to see Tamar’s baby.
“I’m coming, calm down.”
“I know she’s going to ask me to be the godmother, I just know it.”
“We shall see.”
We stopped at the desk for quick directions and we damn near ran to her room. I did a soft tap before walking in and what was on the other side of the door made my mouth drop to the floor. 
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Coming to #Kindle Can’t Love What I Don’t Trust by Khara Campbell [exclusive excerpt]


Cassandra had been in love before and if you asked her, love was pain; every day she was reminded of that with the hand she was currently dealt. She struggles to provide for her kids, working a dead-end job while going to school.   Stuck in a meaningless relationship, which only involved midnight creeps into her bed, she ends things with Darius in hopes for something better in life.

Just when Cassandra isn’t looking for anything or anyone, that’s when Marco comes along; he’s handsome, a great father to his son, and a business owner. Marco’s had his share of women and often juggled relationships, but upon meeting Cassandra, his desire is kindled and he has to fight against wanting anything more than just a casual thing. With each day, they both fight the obvious; they want each other. A night of forbidden passion leads them into bed together; they soon wind up going back and forth, as Cassandra begins to date Damian to distract her from the one she really wants—Marco.

The attraction is strong and the chemistry is explosive—will their efforts to ignore their hearts’ desire trump love, or will they finally give in to what is obviously meant to be?


I Can’t Love What I Don’t Trust

Sample Excerpt

Chapter 12

“I thought you weren’t coming to pick him up until 11,” Marco said after opening up his front door for Diamond. He looked over her shoulder, noticing her man in the driver seat of his car. He gave him a nod in an effort to try to be cordial. If this dude was around his son he wanted them on good terms because he knew he wouldn’t have a problem Jackie Chan-ing his tail if he ever looked at MJ the wrong way. So far his son hadn’t voiced any concerns regarding Diamond’s boyfriend.

“Yeah I know. But I promised MJ he could go to the beach with his friends and I was in this area so I decided to come early.” She walked into his townhouse closing the door behind herself.

“Alright. Just would’ve been nice if you’d given us the heads up. He’s just getting out the shower.” Marco walked into modern styled tropical designed kitchen – thanks to his sisters’ decorating. He didn’t like the bright turquoise walls at first, but it grew on him. He grabbed a bottle of orange juice out of the fridge. “You’re gonna have to get him breakfast. I was just going to make us some.”

Diamond sat on one of the high back stools at the kitchen island. “We got him McDonald’s.”

Figures. Marco groaned. She couldn’t cook to save her life. “You know cooking is much healthier and saves money.” He just had to throw that in there for the record.

Diamond rolled her eyes, clearly annoyed. “Whatever Marco! Don’t worry about what I feed him. He’s perfectly healthy as of his last check-up.”

He could’ve said more but he wasn’t in the mood for an argument this morning. At least he knew MJ got home cooked meals when he was with him. “MJ your mother’s here,” Marco called out.

“Yes sir!” MJ yelled back from his room.

“So what do you have planned for the day?” Diamond asked studying him as he drank a glass of juice.

“None of your business!” He couldn’t stand it when she tried to act like she had a right to be all up in his affairs.

“Damn Marco we can’t have a cordial conversation? Everything between us doesn’t have to solely be about MJ.”

He placed the empty glass in the sink. “Yes it does.”

“We can also be friends for the sake of our son, can’t we?”

He turned and leaned his back against the sink folding his arms, then looked at her. “So did your man hit the right spot for you last night? Did he have you screaming out his name?”

She looked up at him in surprise. “The hell? What kind of question is that?”

“The type of question friends ask another friend,” he replied with a smirk.

“Jerk!” she hopped down from the stool. “MJ baby, meet me in the car.” She headed for the front door.

He watched her leave, knowing that would’ve shut her down. All they needed to be was civil for the sake of their son – nothing more, nothing less.

Free in #Kindleunlimited July 1st: Nothing Can Come Between Us By Cherlina Works


Based on lust and hate, Nothing Can Come Between Us is a page-turning drama laced with sex, drugs, money, and betrayal. After she suffers a broken heart, an evil persona emerges in the beautiful and sexy MeKeisha. Becoming unstable, MeKeisha develops an unhealthy obsession with her naïve best friend’s boyfriend. When a crisis occurs, MeKeisha uses the opportunity to commit the ultimate betrayal, going on a path of backstabbing, deceit, and stopping at nothing to get what she wants.   Seeing her childhood friends, Sha’Lena and Dominique, achieve their dreams of musical stardom, adds fuel to the fire and MeKeisha’s jealousy soon boils over.  One girl’s life will be tragically cut short. Will they find the courage to end this deadly friendship, or will MeKeisha get caught in her own web of deception?



The night we spent at Dominique’s house was restless.  I was glad when morning came.  I decided to get up early and make breakfast for everyone.  After doing my morning routine, I made pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  De’Andre was the first to arrive in the kitchen.

“Hey, MeKeisha.  Good morning.  Thanks for making breakfast.”  De’Andre gave me a friendly hug.  “I’m pretty sure Dominique won’t be in the mood to make it.”

I held on to De’Andre tightly, giving him plenty of opportunity to look at my cleavage.  He backed away abruptly.  I stepped up to him and began whispering.

“Don’t worry.  Sha’Lena and Dominique are still asleep.  I won’t tell either one of them.”  He looked at me like I had crawled from under a rock.

“What’s the matter with you, MeKeisha?  You know Sha’Lena’s my girl.”

“I know that Sha’Lena’s your girl.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t snuggle up together.  I’m still feeling anxious after listening to Jordon’s message over the answering machine.”

De’Andre returned my embrace.  I slipped my hands under his pajamas and rubbed his chest.  This felt better than being in LaMar’s arms.   We made eye contact.

“We better stop before Sha’Lena and Dominique wake up”.

“Stop what?  We haven’t done anything.  Yet.  Let’s finish later on when we don’t have to worry about being interrupted.”

We heard footsteps coming down the stairs.  Dominique was the first to arrive into the kitchen, followed by Sha’Lena and, Dominique and De’Andre’s mother, Katherine Stephens, preventing De’Andre from answering.

“Good morning, everybody.  It was so nice of you to make breakfast for everyone, MeKeisha.”

Ms. Stephens tried to smile, but I could tell her heart wasn’t in it.  Jordon’s harassment of Dominique was stressing her out too.  My heart went out to her.  I was actually surprised about that.  Maybe the seriousness of the situation was beginning to sink in.

Except for saying grace, we all ate in silence.  My mind went back to De’Andre.  Wondering about later on………

“You all go ahead, finish getting ready for school.  Don’t worry about the breakfast dishes.  I’ll do that”, said Katherine Stephens.  She had the same golden complexion Dominique had, and was just as lovely.

Then the phone rang.

“Just let the answering machine pick up, just in case it’s Jordon,” Katherine said.

It was Jordon.  His voice was a deadly monotone when he asked about Dominique’s whereabouts.

“You only have four days left.  I won’t let you have a life without me in it.”

“That’s it!  I’m taking care of Jordon myself.  We don’t need the police.”  De’Andre grabbed his jacket and was about to storm out the door.  Ms. Stephens grabbed him by the shoulders.

“No, De’Andre.  Let the police take care of it.  Will you promise me that?”  He hesitated.

“O.K., for now.  But I ain’t letting nothing happen to Dominique.  They better hurry up and do something before I do.”

“Look, De’Andre.  You’re going to college and you have a good chance of winning a scholarship.  You have an opportunity that not many African-American males have.  I’m not going to let you throw it away just to get revenge on Jordon.”

“I understand, Momma.  But I can’t take this much longer.”

“I know how you feel, De’Andre.  This is going to be over soon.  Jordon isn’t crazy enough to violate that restraining order.  Dominique, are you sure you’re up to going to school today?”

“Sure, Momma.  I’m not going to let Jordon make me a prisoner in my own home.  C’mon, let’s go before we miss the bus.”  Dominique managed a half-hearted smile.  Sha’Lena and Dominique embraced briefly.

“Oh, wait a minute.  I forgot my calculus book.  De’Andre, have you seen it?”

“Yeah, it’s upstairs in my room.  I’ll go get it”.   Dominique followed De’Andre.

“Are you out of your mind?”  De’Andre was startled by Dominique’s voice behind him.

“What are you talking about, Dominique?”

“You know what I’m talking about.  I saw you and MeKeisha in the kitchen.  What if

Sha’Lena had come into the kitchen and saw you two together?”

“It’s not what you think, Dominique.  ‘Keisha just wanted me to comfort her.  She’s worried about Jordon doing something to you.  Just like I am.”

“You two are planning on getting together later on. I heard the whole thing.  You better not break Sha’Lena’s heart. Let’s go on and catch the bus.  We’ll talk about this later on.”

“Ain’t nothing to talk about.  I ain’t planning on getting with MeKeisha.”

“You better not be.  Let’s go and catch the bus.”  Dominique and De’Andre walked down the stairs.  Dominique looked at me as if she wanted to lecture me about something.  Whatever.  I’ve had it.  I’m not putting up with that anymore.  She better not say anything to me.  We all said goodbye to Ms. Stephens and walked out the door.

We all walked in silence.  De’Andre was holding Sha’Lena’s hand.  I watched silently.  He may have been holding Sha’Lena’s hand, but I’m pretty sure he was thinking about our embrace.

When we arrived at school, I saw LaMar pull into the school’s parking lot in a burgundy Monte Carlo with gold rims.  A classic “dopemoble”.  He wasn’t alone.  Brianna was with him.  So, Mr. Hampton gives his ex-girlfriend a ride and makes me catch the bus.  Well, that was the last straw.

“Are you O.K., MeKeisha?” asked Sha’Lena, noticing that LaMar was walking with Brianna.

“Sure, I’m O.K.”  I’ll be better than O.K. when I’m in bed with De’Andre.  “I’ll be seeing you guys at lunch time.”  Everyone went their separate ways.  I decided to go into the school’s library to avoid running into LaMar.  But my plan didn’t work.  As I was about to enter the school’s library, I heard LaMar’s voice from behind.

“I want that stuff back, MeKeisha.”

“What stuff?”

“That stuff I gave you when you were over my house.  I need it back.  I’m in trouble.  I never meant to give you that.  I only meant for you to have the weed.”

“You’re in trouble alright.  Why do you keep dissing me for Brianna?

“Brianna is my girlfriend.  I’m not with you anymore.”  LaMar’s voice was as cold as ice.  It was as though he’d slapped me.

“You’re gonna dump me for that plain-ass Brianna?”

“Don’t hate on my girlfriend.  I don’t know why you’re so surprised.  You wouldn’t give me any, so I went to someone who would.  And I want that stuff back.”

“I don’t have it, LaMar.”

“What you mean, you don’t have it?”  Suddenly the coldness was gone from his voice.  “Please, MeKeisha.  The drug dealers want either their money or the drugs back.”

“Well, I don’t have it, so get out of my face.”  I started walking away.  He grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me around violently.

“I ain’t playin’ with you, MeKeisha.  I want that stuff back now.”  I had backed myself into a corner.  There was no way I could tell LaMar that his drugs were in police custody.  Now, I wish I had listened to Dominique.

“I’m sorry, LaMar.  But I never looked to see what it was.  Then I forgot and put those jeans in my dirty clothes hamper and they ended up getting washed.  I didn’t know.  I just didn’t know.”  I knew it was a lame lie, but my head was spinning.  I didn’t have much time to think.

“How could you be so stupid?”

“You’re the one that’s stupid.  Why didn’t you just keep it yourself?”

LaMar stormed away, then came right back.  Despite the heated content of our conversation,

we managed to keep our voices low.  LaMar believed in being discreet.

“’Keisha, like I said, I’m in trouble.  I need for you to help me, please.  Those drugs were worth  $1000.  Is there any way you can come up with $500?  Please?  I gave you five hundred.  At least give me that back.”

He must think I’m a total idiot.  There’s no way I’m going to give him a penny back. I was smart not to have had sex with him after all. He’s a fool to let me go.  Brianna doesn’t look half as good as I do.

“LaMar, even though you’re not my boyfriend anymore, you’re still a friend.  I’ll help you.  Just tell me when and where.”  My voice was strangling with anger, but I managed to control it.

“Bring the money to my house tomorrow at six.  And thanks.  I appreciate it.”

“No problem.”  Whatever. LaMar went inside the library.  I walked away before Barbara or Brianna showed up.  I was definitely done with that drama.  Or was I?  I knew that once I saw Brianna, she was going to rub it in my face about LaMar dumping me.  Well, I was going to end it once and for all.  Something told me to go to LaMar’s locker.  As I opened his locker door, Dominique’s words, ‘He’s going to try to get you to do all kinds of stuff’ ran through my mind.  A small photo album caught my attention.  I looked inside and was shocked.  Nude photographs of several teenaged girls!   I didn’t recognize any of them.  None of these girls went to Madison High. Except the one on the last page.  Brianna!  LaMar had gotten her to pose nude and was probably planning on getting me to pose nude as well.  I had let him talk me into smoking a little marijuana, but that was it.  There was no way I’d go any further.  I snatched the photo of Brianna out of the photo album and put it in my notebook.  I couldn’t believe Brianna was stupid enough to let LaMar photograph her in the nude.  Why would LaMar bring that to school anyway?  It didn’t matter why.  I couldn’t wait to put this picture on the Internet and humiliate Brianna.

She’d think that LaMar had done it.  I looked both ways, making sure no one saw me.

I went to Mr. Coleton’s algebra class.  Damn, I still hadn’t studied with Sha’Lena and Dominique.  But I guess that doesn’t matter anymore.

Another boring chapter in exponents.  Thank goodness it was the last one.  I’m not even going to pretend to concentrate.  I didn’t have to.  Mr. Coleton only called on the brainiacs.

Finally, class was over.  As everyone was leaving, Mr. Coleton said, “O.K, don’t forget to study for tomorrow’s test.  Final exams are right around the corner.”  He made eye contact with me.

“MeKeisha, can I see you for a minute, please?”  He closed the door after everyone left.

“Have you given any thought to my offer, MeKeisha?”


“What have you decided?”

“I’ll go to bed with you.”   Mr. Coleton’s face lit up.  “I knew you’d change your mind.”

Mr. Coleton can have what LaMar missed out on.

On indle July 1st

Exclusive excerpt: A Hustlers Coalition ll The Hustle Continues by Bengy D. Sherman #TeamDelphine

HustlersCoalition2Just when you thought the streets where safe..

Cin-Loc, Trill, J’Rock and Tone are the remaining original members of Fort Worth’s own Black Cartel GMB. Now that Free’s incarcerated doing a 5 year bid it’s time for the team to step to the plate and keep what they put together afloat. With his right hand man Cin-Loc at the helm in Free’s absence he quickly finds out being the HNIC isn’t all what it cracks out to be. The members of GMB soon find themselves up shit creek without a paddle. Can the team prosper in Free’s absence or will they crash in burn see what happens in Book 2 of the Hustler Coalition series.


“Oh shit, nigga! That’s it right there,” she said, throwing her ass back harder, trying to take my dick further in. I put the pound game on her, trying to put this hoe into submission; this freak wasn’t having any of that shit. Trill and Smoke looked on in awe. The coke had my dick completely numb; I couldn’t feel a goddamn thang, but I didn’t need to because I knew my magic stick was doing its thang and I was about to have this hoe in overdrive. Out of nowhere, this hoe begins bawling. This crazy bitch, but I like that shit, I thought to myself.

“Let me ride that motherfucker,” she suddenly said. I pulled out and took a seat on the lazy boy, reclining that bitch back as far as it could go. I was sweating like a slave making their way through the underground tunnel. She got on her knees and popped my dick into her mouth and my knees began to shake. Damn, baby’s head game was off the radar, I might have to keep this bitch around for a while, I thought, trying to make my dick touch the back of her throat and not one time did this bitch gag. A pro for real. She stopped sucking and my eyes popped open. I was like, “Bitch, what the fuck you doing?” and then she straddled me in a backwards position, with both knees on each arm of the lazy boy. She eased down on my dick, and I grabbed her waist for control, and every time she came down, I pushed up, meeting her in the middle.

“Damn, bitch. This some good pussy,” I said, I couldn’t deny it; the bitch had some fire. She didn’t respond and continued with the task at hand. I grabbed a handful of her hair, and with my other arm, I reached around and started to massage her clit in a curricular motion. She was crying out in ecstasy. My phone rang and diverted my head to the pocket of my jeans. I was steady bouncing her up and down on my dick when I told Smoke to see who it was.

“Cin,” said Smoke. Shit, this nigga always had a tendency to call at the most inopportune times, fuck, I thought to myself. I was now standing when I bucked Cherry off me, but she gathered herself quickly, snatching my dick and inserting it into her mouth. I could feel this volcano about to erupt.

“Say, Cin says it’s important,” Smoke said, reminding me.

“Tell that nigga to hold up a sec. I’m almost there,” I could see Smoke relay what I said back to Cin, and from the big ass grin on his face, I knew I had gotten the result that I wanted. I shot my load all down Cherry’s throat, not letting one drop escape her lips. I motioned for Trill and Smoke to finish the hoe off and them niggas was on her like a cheetah on a rabbit, “Hey, you niggas better strap up,” I warned, before snatching my cell off the coffee table, and I flopped down heavily onto the sofa still ass naked.

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