A Street Kings Melody by Clifton Dutton releases on Oct 21st #TeamDelphine

streetkings (1)DC, the murder capital, city of terror, its within these streets where a Prince will come to rise. Prince is a young man with a sadistic inner soul that was created by the tragic events of his early childhood. Though these events have been suppressed deep in his mind, these are the traits that make him the man he is. As the pages turn in the roller coaster ride of Prince races towards the Man that stole young life, as he knew it, you can’t help but to cheer for the one American Gangster you hate to love.

Family, this is the one word that Prince lives by. His father, the most feared man on the east coast has lived in solace until Prince came along. His son has broken down that wall in a since but in reality actually made it stronger. The loyalties they have to one another literally define the word. As his father teaches him the family business the sadistic side that Prince has only make the business flourish to new heights.

The maid and tutor his father hired for him is the only mother he knows. Her Spanish heritage along with her being raised in the projects strengthens his will to be the best he can be. Class president, 4.0 student, and loyalty almost to a fault are the words to describe this young man. Money beyond his wildest dreams is a non-factor to his personality. Spoiled, never, he will give his last to see the person closes to him happy.

For the young man considered to be superman has over looked the one thing superman couldn’t defeat, kryptonite. Princes kryptonite name is Maria. His girlfriend, love of his life, the reason he feels life is all about maybe the one thing that ends his. As the circle of life strolls along Prince has to learn on the move with it, but will he play checkers or will he play chess?

Prince to a King is a novel that emphasizes the phrase. His father is the King and only his Prince can take the thrown. Chapter after chapter you will learn that this saga is much more then a gangster story, more then a love story, but a an epic movie viewed in print.


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