Torn: Confessions of a Selfish Lover by M. Bradley and excerpt #TeamDelphine

TAMIKA_CONFESSIONSOFSELFISHOn the outside, Vince is every woman’s dream. He is a summa cum laude Morehouse graduate, and CEO of his own company.  He’s handsome, rich, charming, single, and he has no children. So what’s the catch? Unfortunately, he also comes with baggage you wouldn’t believe.

After losing his father, love lost its luster and he fell back into his youthful playboy ways. Vince decides to make his 32nd birthday the last one he spends as a single man, after a conversation with his best friend. However, love doesn’t follow a set schedule and the bad habits of “Instant Vincent” aren’t so eager to go away.

Vince begins to wonder if it’s true that love really doesn’t love him and his search leads him closer to home. Mykael, is his doting young assistant, who he now sees through a different set of eyes. Then there is Ksenia, the Russian bombshell with whom the connection was instant and undeniable. Before long, Vince finds himself moving from being shunned by love, to having a pair of incredible women to choose between.  Faced with  a decision that could leave someone with a broken heart, he must choose.  Will he still have the power to choose, or will the choice already have been made for him?


That Saturday, Nechole and I went out.  I’m still kicking myself over that date as we speak.  I picked her up at her apartment in College Park (her profile said she lived in Dunwoody).  When she came out, she was dressed in some stretch pants, a man’s dress shirt and some high heeled Jordans.  I immediately felt overdressed in my tailor-made sharkskin suit, pink Hermès shirt and tie and black Gucci loafers.

“Ooh shit! You drive a Range Rover! Damn, you ballin’,” she exclaimed as she climbed into the passenger seat.

“I do alright for myself,” I responded, trying my hardest to hide the utter disgust that threatened to erupt all over my face.

“So, where we going?” she asked as she pulled down the visor so she could check her makeup in the vanity mirror.

“I made reservations at Silver Spoon.  Is that okay?” I answered as I got on the highway to head towards the restaurant.

“That place is kinda bougie, but I guess it’s fine.”

“We can go somewhere else, if you want,” I insisted, even though I hoped she would decline.

“Nah boo, Silver Spoon is okay if that’s where you wanna go.”

When we arrived at the restaurant, things went even further downhill.  The hostess sat us at our table and Nechole used the salad fork to pick something out of her teeth.  Our waitress, Brittanye, came to the table to introduce herself and ask what we would like to drink just in time to catch the end of this spectacle.  When she regained herself, I said, “Hi, you just received a case of 2010 Giacondo Chardonnay.  We’d like a bottle of that, please.”  I turned towards Nechole and asked, “Are you okay with white wine?”  She nodded and went back to looking at the menu.

Brittanye shot me a confused look and quickly scanned the wine menu.  “Are you sure, sir? I don’t see that wine on our list.”

I took a deep breath.  “I’m very sure; I had the crate delivered here before Christmas.”  Brittanye looked even more confused and started to scan the room for some assistance.

“Who’s the Manager on duty tonight?” I asked, trying my best to remain calm.

“Gerald is the current Manager on duty, sir.  Is there a problem?” she replied, looking even more nervous.

I smiled to reassure her.  “No, there’s no problem.  But if you could please have Gerald come over, that would be great.”  Brittanye excused herself and went to retrieve the Manager.

“You not about to get that girl fired before New Year’s Eve, are you?” Nechole asked.  Her eyes full of concern.

“God no, I just want to make sure that the wine I bought is here.  That’s all.”

Her face softened and she sat back in her chair as Gerald approached.  “Mr. Coleman, so good to see you again,” he said as we shook hands.  “The wine you ordered arrived a few days ago.  We weren’t sure if it was for the restaurant or your personal use, so we left the crate unopened in the wine cellar.  I’ll gladly have a bottle brought up for you.”

On #Kindle Oct 14th


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